Adult/Junior Bass Tournament Series

You can watch your kids play sports, you can coach your kids in sports, but Kids First provides an opportunity for you to watch, coach, and actively PARTICIPATE in a sport with your youngster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any tournament experience before I can fish in a Kids First event?
No, all experience levels are welcome.  If you are apprehensive about fishing in your first tournament please feel free to give one of us a call and we will be glad to walk you through the process from launch to weigh in.

Who's fish are weighed in mine or my childs?
One of the unique things about Kids First is that you and your child compete together.  The best 5 fish (no matter who catches them) are weighed.  The kids can weigh one fish that they catch and apply that toward the Youth Angler of the Year.

Does my childs one AOY fish have to be a part of the team 5 fish limit?
No if your youths fish does not cull one of the adult caught fish, you can bring 6 fish to the scale or 7 fish if you have two youth in the boat.  The team 5 fish limit is separate from the Youth Angler of the Year fish.  Teams will weigh a 5 fish limit, if the youth catches a legal fish that does not weigh more than any of the team limit a sixth fish may be weighed in.  In either case the youths AOY fish must be clearly marked before presenting the fish for weigh in.

What if my youth partner and I cannot attend each tournament?
In both the team and youth AOY standings only the best (5) tournaments will be counted.  This "drop tournament"  keeps participants in the running even if they miss one event.

What if I cannot attend a tournament, can my youth partner fish with another adult and do those points count toward the Team AOY?
Yes, since the team AOY points follow the youth they can fish with another adult and have the finish points earned applied to the team AOY total.

Why does my child have to join the TBF?

The simple answer is liability protection for Kids First participants and organizers.  The TBF youth membership is the cheapest option we could find to provide insurance coverage for the organizers, fisherman, sponsors, and volunteers.

Who do I pay the membership dues to?

Dues should be paid to Kids First at the ramp at your first tournament. 

I am a member of a TBF adult club does my child still need to become a member of the TBF?  I am a member of FLW and fish the FLW/BFL does my child still need to become a member of the TBF?
Yes, for insurance reasons your child must still join the TBF and become a Kids First youth club member.

I have boaters insurance, why does my child still need to join the TBF?
Kids First requires all boaters to carry at least $100,000 in boater liability insurance.  Boater insurance will provide some level of coverage for the individual, however does not replace the need to have additional protection for Kids First and all those involved with our group.

Since my child is a member of the TBF and the insurance coverage is for members of the TBF do I get any protection?
Yes, even though the kids and club are the insured the adults are covered as "boat captains".  This does not replace the need for private boat insurance, Kids First requires boaters to carry a $100,000 boater insurance policy.

What's the deal with the $30 membership fee?
Unfortunately the $5 TBF membership option we had in 2013 was eliminated.  The TBF Youth dues increased to $25 in 2014.  All of the $25 TBF dues are sent directly to the TBF. Kids First added an additional $5 to the membership dues, in order to be considered a club we must charge dues.  The $5 dues help offset the rising adThe ministration costs - Trophies, mailing, printed materials, prizes, containers for the prizes, etc.  All non TBF money collected will go directly back into Kids First for the kids. 

Do I have to buy my child a Kids First jersey?
No, the jerseys are optional. 

Does Kids First find adults for youth to fish with or youth for adults to fish with?
Because of the huge liability involved with taking an active role pairing adults with minors Kids First does not match team members together. 

Kids First is an awesome program, how can I donate?
Kids First welcomes private and business donations.  We are a not for profit group and any money raised goes toward operating expenses, tournament trophies, and prizes.  While Kids First does recieve some financial support from business and individuals there are additional uncovered costs of approximately $1,000 a season to keep Kids First up and running so any assistance is welcome to help offset those costs. 

Do I need a 21 foot fiberglass boat with a 250 motor to compete?
No, there are many great areas to fish very close to the launch site.  We have teams that do very well in aluminum tiller steer boats.

Do I need to bring my own weigh bag?

Having your own weigh bag will save you some time at the weigh in but are not required.  Kids First has weigh bags available for you to use if needed.

Is Kids First a club or a open series/trail?
We are unique in that officially Kids First is a club, however, our tournaments are run more like open events. 

What is the difference between the TBF Youth club and the TBF (SAF) High School Club?

The TBF has set the age ranges in the way they offer state and national tournaments.  The TBF does not have a minimum age requirement, however, there are no state level tournament options for those kids 10 and under.  The Tennessee state TBF runs the youth tournament that is open to kids 11-14.  The nationally run SAF is open to those kids 15-18 that are in high school.  Youth that are 13 or 14 can fish in the SAF tournaments as long as they have another high school angler in the boat with them.  For more information on state and national TBF tournaments please visit



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